Re: [Mondo-devel] mindi 3.0.2-r3578 + [netfsopt=-o option] in boot: unable mount NFS share?

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Re: [Mondo-devel] mindi 3.0.2-r3578 + [netfsopt=-o option] in boot: unable mount NFS share?

Hi Bruno!

I provided my logfile where it is very well visible that PXE booting is carried out with additional parameters of NFS-mounting netfsopt="-o noatime,nolock,mountproto=tcp". But these parameters eventually for some reason aren't applied and NFS-mounting comes to an end with failure.

In addition on a screenshot it is possible to see well that, NFS-mounting without parameters terminates in failure (in red). But if to apply additional parameters, then NFS-mounting is carried out successfully and at I successfully could copy mondorestore.log provided below (in green).

Very thanks for the support.

>Yes, I pass quotes arround the option and also NFS resource won't be mounted. Any ideas?
>21.09.2016 00:51, Bruno Cornec <Bruno.Cornec@...>
>>spezialist said on Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 12:27:14AM +0300:
>> >I.e., I want to tell, that as soon as in parameters of booting initrd we specify the 'netfsopt=-o ....' parameter for mounting of a NFS resource, this resource won't be mounted.
>> The way it's done, you done to pass quotes around the option in fact.
>> Could you try with netfsopt="-o blabla" ?

> Could you then provide your logfile at restore time please, so I can see how it's seen by the script ?
> Bruno.

Чорнобиль форева!

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