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Re: [Mondo-devel] Mondo created 2nd volume group, but no LVs or FS

Mike Burger

> Mike Burger said on Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 06:25:22PM +0000:
>> > Which versions of Mondorescue and mindi do you use ?
>> > Mondorescue repository is (with latest
>> > versions).
>> mondo-2.2.8-1.rhel5
>> mindi-2.0.6-1.rhel5
> Ok, the test version of handles better those cases where people
> want to exlude some PVs or LVs from the list (and see it removed from
> i-want-my-lvm and mountlist).
> I've not finished the tests on my side, so have not published it, but it
> should handle much better your case.

Excellent...though, I wouldn't mind if it created the filesystem for me,
either. ;-)

Mike Burger

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