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[Mondo-devel] Problem restoring files

Nikolaos Milas

I have a backup of a server taken as a set of ISO files using the command:

     /usr/sbin/mondoarchive -O -V -i -s 4480m -d $Newdir2 -E "/mnt" -T
     "/mnt/dd2500-1/vmailtmp" -9

(Note: The $Newdir2 is at a mounted -via nfs- directory.)

This set of 64 ISOs (yes, sixty four) now lies at a mounted (via nfs)

I am trying to restore a directory tree from this backup but without

I am doing "mondorestore", then I select "Hard Disk", and when I give
the paths, it reads the backup, it allows me to select what I want to
restore (it's a .INBOX.Sent directory from a user's Maildir), but, when
it -supposedly- starts restoring, it prompts me to "Insert ISO #1",
although all ISOs already exist at that point. The process gets stuck
there, and it won't do anything. I have to kill the process.

What may be wrong? What can I do to finish restore successfully?

I must note that it's not easy to use restore from (virtual) DVD, as
this is a remote VM where ISO mounting must be done over http (and
requires reboot on changes).

Here is the mondorestore.log for your reference:


Please help find a solution to restore the requested files.

Many thanks,

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