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Since last week I am fighting with the installation of MONDORESCUE on my desktop UBUNTU-MATE 16.10.

I installed mondo + mindi-busybox + mindi following that page : http://www.mondorescue.org/docs/mondorescue-howto.html

Installation was donne from ftp://ftp.mondorescue.org/ubuntu/16.04/ with Synaptic I got after installation :

- mondo version 3.2.2-1

- mindi version 3.0.2-1

- and mindi-busybox version 1.2.1-4

First problem came from version of mindi-busybox which is different from the version of the ftp site. I got broken reference within package. So I went in the file to change the condition relating to the version to fix the problem (change 1.2.1-4 for 1.21.1-1).

Now OK

Then the trouble came form the fact that I had missing packages : grub2 not install, isolinux.

Now OK

Next trouble came from a WARNING saying that busybox could not be found. Reading the history of the list I found the answer and change link to busybox in the file mindi shell-scripts.

Now OK

After all these episodes I could create a mindi boot CD.

Trying to make the ISO image of my system with the following command I got always a WARNING coming from a missing file and space on disk :

Deleting devfsd daemon from ramdisk

...because /sbin/devfsd not found

cp: erreur d'écriture de '/tmp/mondo.tmp.5JFqbV/mountpoint.7453/tmp/mountlist.txt': Aucun espace disponible sur le périphérique

FATAL ERROR. Cannot copy mountlist to ramdisk

After days of browsing on the net I do not see what to do and ask if you can help me.

Thank you

PS : compressed log files mondoarchive and mini attached

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