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[Mondo-devel] Mondorescue 3.x issues?

Kalchik, Jeffery

Good morning, all.


I’ve been using Mondo (currently 3.0.3) for several years for disaster recovery, not cloning, here, on the physical servers.  Oracle Linux 5 & 6, CentOS 6, and RHEl 5 and 6. EL7 based distributions are on the way.  All backups are written to an NFS repository (the D/R tagged servers get replicated off-site immediately.)  The majority of the physical hosts using Mondo are running Oracle Linux 5 (sorry, Bruno….)  Most of the physical hosts are HP bl460c G6 blades, with a few Cisco UCS blades.


I’ve been tinkering with 3.2.2 since it was released a couple of weeks ago.  It appears that there is a significant change in the first generated ISO file, all of the network mounts now are using a symbolic name, whereas in 3.0.3, those were all converted to the IP address.  Unfortunately, if I boot up with an ISO image from a 3.2.2 backup (mindi 3.0.2 and mindi-busybox 1.21.1,) none of the symbolic lookups work and restores fail.  If I add a configuration file to /etc/mindi/deplist.d with ‘/lib*/lib*nss*’ (expanded,) name resolution finally works at a shell prompt, but an automatic recovery will still fail, not being able to find any of the config files.  If I then run something like ‘mount –o ro,nolock ahddr005:/data/col1/mondo_local/ahdoul011 /tmp/isodir’ and rerun mondorestore, selecting automatic recovery, it proceeds gracefully through all of the disc images.


I must be doing something fundamentally wrong, as network name lookups should be proceeding immediately, even during the initram processing.  I have verified that the mounts in the initramdisk images match the contents of /tmp/NETFS-SERVER-MOUNT.


Mondo 3.0.3, /tmp/NETFS-SERVER-MOUNT:

Mondo 3.2.2, /tmp/NETFS-SERVER-MOUNT: ahddr005:/data/col1/mondo_local/ahdoul011


I must be doing something rather fundamentally wrong.  The conversion from symbolic name to IP address obviously is what allows 3.0.3 to work, and the lack of conversion is what’s causing 3.2.2 to have problems.  As near as I can tell, I have the same issue regardless of distribution.


I’ve attached the mindi log, the mondoarchive log, as well as the captured output from my control script (‘mondo_ahdoul011*.log’, verbose output, you can see exactly how mondoarchive is called.)  If the attachment gets stripped out, I’ll post up the log archive on a public server.  I’ve also attached the mondorestore logs from the initial boot.  The 3.0.3 version does successfully mount the /tmp/isodir directory at some point before the shell prompt is available, the 3.2.2 version does not. 


Any suggestions on where to start digging deeper?


Jeff Kalchik

Systems Engineering

Land O’Lakes

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