[Mondo-devel] Mondo hang at "INFO: Analyzing LVM..."

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[Mondo-devel] Mondo hang at "INFO: Analyzing LVM..."

Tony Lin

Dear Mondo Team,


         When run “nohup mondoarchive -O -E "/mysql|/data" -z -i -p `hostname`-`date +%Y%m%d%H%M` -N -d /mnt -s 4380m -l GRUB &”,

          Mondo backup hung at "INFO: Analyzing LVM..." over 5 hours and then exited with FATAL ERROR as below.  Log attached.

          Any suggestions? Is there any remedy? Thanks a lot.





INFO: Your mountlist will look like this:


INFO: Analyzing LVM...

umount: /tmp/mondo.tmp.0lqtx3/mountpoint.47376: not found

FATAL ERROR. Program is terminating in response to signal received from OS/user

Please e-mail a copy of /var/log/mindi.log to the mailing list.

See http://www.mondorescue.org for more information.

WE CANNOT HELP unless you enclose that file.


INFO: Mindi 3.0.2-r3578 is exiting

INFO: End date : Thu May 18 21:08:34 HKT 2017


BR//Tony Lin

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