[Mondo-devel] Mondo Rescue on Ubuntu 17.04?

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[Mondo-devel] Mondo Rescue on Ubuntu 17.04?

Sean Hammond
Hi all, does Mondo Rescue work with Ubuntu 17.04? I ask because
ftp://ftp.mondorescue.org/ubuntu/ only goes up to 16.10, and the 16.10
folder has no modorescue.sources.list file or other mondo files (the
16.04 folder does appear to have the files).

I could try the 16.04 version on 17.04...

I want to create regular bootable clones of my Ubuntu OS disk, and Mondo
Rescue it the only tool I've found so far that can do this from the live
system (as opposed to having to reboot from a different volume and run
Clonezilla or any one of several other disk cloning tools that can clone
a disk that has no mounted volumes).


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