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Devin Ortner

I’ve read through some of the old mailing lists and feature changes and saw a few mentions of DRBD and MondoRescue’s lack of support for it (links at the end). I searched the recent Change Logs and I don’t see anything related to DRBD, I’m wondering if anyone is working on support for DRBD right now.


I have two Pacemaker Cluster Managers running RHEL 6.7 that provide several services including a Zabbix monitoring server and it’s backend PostgreSQL service. DRBD is running the storage for PostgreSQL. It’s a small database, and a few files only replicating about 3GB of data on my 10gb LVM partition. I want to make Mondo Recovery DVDs of the system so that I can create a base configuration to use when building future systems. In case it matters, both servers use mdadm to create raid mirrors of the partitions on the disks, MondoRescue seems to handle this just fine with the recently added support. I do have to manually configure and install GRUB for it to work though.


I understand there is probably a lot of work involved to support DRBD especially if no one has started working on it, so if DRBD support is still a long way off I’m wondering if anyone has a suggested work-around. Currently I’m using Clonezilla to restore a base image, but I need to be able to restore from DVD media. My current image takes 3 DVDs per system when backing up with MondoRescue.


Things I’ve tried:

I’ve tried creating the Mondo disks anyway and naturally got the “gap between partitions” that others had mentioned in the mailing list as well as a folder in /dev/drbd that contained all the files.

I tried stopping the Pacemaker Resources so that the DRBD resource was not running, (Still got the gaps between the partitions, probably because the drbd service was still running)

I have NOT yet tried stopping the Pacemaker resources AND stopping the drbd service (I didn’t realize it was still running when I tested the previous method)


This is what I was thinking of trying this next:

Zip the files DRBD replicates, and copy them to the root dir of one of the systems (Compressed the files get to about 350MB)

Save the metadata from the DRBD resource.

Stop Pacemaker Resources

Stop DRBD services

Remove the LVM partition created for DRBD

Create Mondo Archive Disks

Come up with a procedure or write a script (that I could place in the post-restore tarball) to:

Create the LVM partition, setup the DRBD resource and write the metadata, then extract the zip to the resource disk, and start the Pacemaker Resources.


Related Links:




Any suggestions, comments, concerns, or questions are appreciated.

Also if someone is willing to work on implementing support for DRBD; I might not have a quick turn-around time, but  I’ll do what I can to test changes and provide logs and feedback.


Thank you,


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