[Mondo-devel] Failing with cannot create boot-disks with a Xubuntu14:04 LTS version

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[Mondo-devel] Failing with cannot create boot-disks with a Xubuntu14:04 LTS version

Jim Robinson
Hi Folks,

One of my Xubuntu 14:04 system is failing with the following error

INFO: Mindi failed to create your boot+data disks.
DBG1: [Main] newt-specific.c->fatal_error#302: Fatal error received -
'Failed to generate boot+data disks

Other 14:04 systems are working.

The only error type that I can see is
INFO: If you use syslinux 5.x, you may miss ldlinux.c32. If your
syslinux RPM doesn't include ldlinux.c32, you may want to download
another one
INFO: Found elilo boot type
INFO: Mindi 3.0.2-r3578 is exiting
INFO: End date : Sat Jun 25 09:30:58 EDT 2016

log file attached

The failing system was updated this week and was working last weekend.

I have tried increasing the space allocation, even though the error
message did not indicate that lack of space was a problem, in mindi.conf
to no avail.
Best Wishes

James D. Robinson
JD Scientific Limited
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