[Mondo-devel] CentOS 6 mondoarchive fails with "CD is too big" error

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[Mondo-devel] CentOS 6 mondoarchive fails with "CD is too big" error

Thomas, Mark G (UK)

Hi all,

Have had this error from [failed] mondo 3.2.2/mindi 3.0.2 backups of two PCs running CentOS 6:


“WARNING! CD is too big.  It occupies 168xxxxx KB, which is more than the 4480 KB allowed.”


The mondoarchive commands for both machines have the DVD-sized  “-s 4480m” option.

[I guess the “KB” scaling in the warning message is still hard-coded in libmondo-archive.c, as found in https://sourcecodebrowser.com/mondo/2.20/libmondo-archive_8c_source.html line 3726.]


The mondoarchive and mindi log files are in the attached “CD_is_too_big-logs.tar.bz2” archive.


I guess this re-opens Trac ticket #738.


Have tried to enter the details into the trac.mondorescue.org database, but my login [mg-thomas] password is rejected.

[I tried the “forgotten password” link and got a “Your password has been reset.” e-mail, but the new password it contains is also rejected.]





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