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[Mondo-devel] Can't backup to usb

Allen Shih
I am using CentOS 5.1 and tried to backup to a usb and it failed.

DBG4: [Main] libmondo-fork.c->eval_call_to_make_USB#210: Calling open_evalcall_form() with what_i_am_doing='Copying data to make USB #1'
DBG1: [Main] libmondo-fork.c->eval_call_to_make_USB#215: command = 'cd //mondo.scratch.0XXipj ; rm -fr /tmp/mondo.tmp.tf7Fpl/usb/syslinux ; mv * /tmp/mondo.tmp.tf7Fpl/usb'
DBG3: [Main] libmondo-fork.c->run_external_binary_with_percentage_indicator_NEW#649: command = 'cd //mondo.scratch.0XXipj ; rm -fr /tmp/mondo.tmp.tf7Fpl/usb/syslinux ; mv * /tmp/mondo.tmp.tf7Fpl/usb 2>> /var/log/mondoarchive.log'
DBG4: [Main] libmondo-fork.c->run_prog_in_bkgd_then_exit#614: sz_command = 'cd //mondo.scratch.0XXipj ; rm -fr /tmp/mondo.tmp.tf7Fpl/usb/syslinux ; mv * /tmp/mondo.tmp.tf7Fpl/usb 2>> /var/log/mondoarchive.log'
mv: inter-device move failed: `archives' to `/tmp/mondo.tmp.tf7Fpl/usb/archives'; unable to remove target: Is a directory

I searched and found mv may cause a few problems so is it possible to use more safe commands such as cp & rm instead of mv ? Thank you.


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