[Mondo-devel] Backup with mounted shares: avoiding HD space exhaustion

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[Mondo-devel] Backup with mounted shares: avoiding HD space exhaustion

Nikolaos Milas

I want to backup a (virtual) CentOS 7 server with an HD of 50GB This
also has a mounted NFS share (sized around 100GB) which I want to backup
too as part of the box.

What is the best practice to avoid HD space exhaustion during backup
(due to temporary files creation)?

Do I need to explicitly define a remote temporary backup location
(mondoarchive with -T directive) on a remote (mounted) share with
sufficient space?

If I perform an NFS backup, will that be safe (to avoid local space
exhaustion during the backup process)? In general, how does mondoarchive
treat the temporary files when doing an NFS backup?

If the mounted share (referred to above) is on the same physical machine
(storage machine) which will be used for the backup (but using a
different share), does it sound safe?

Thanks much,

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