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[Mondo-devel] [ANNOUNCE] MondoRescue web site and trac site moving

Bruno Cornec-4
>Due to a transfer of the infrastructure of the Solution Center which is
>hosting MondoRescue web site and trac services from Grenoble to Geneva,
>the service are unavailable for a couple of days.

Ok, so in fact while the server was unavailable for couples days, it was
for a network reconfiguration, not the server move.

However, this move will happen this week, so expect again some
perturbations accessing the web site, the trac instance or the ftp service.

SHould be better next week hopefully.

Please use the mirror in between at http://mondo.mirror.pclark.com/

Sorry for the inconvenience, I'll warn you as soon as everything is back
online this time !

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